Do People Win at Online Casinos?

casino-winnings-1aThere is a lot of scepticism around online casinos. Many people think they are just a gimmick, and they do not play for real money. Some think the whole thing is a scam, designed to lure people in and then take their money and disappear overnight. And then there are those that just do not trust a site to pay them any money they may win while playing at the casinos.

But these are the ones that have not played, or experienced how an online casino works. Of course, there will be some bad sites that should be avoided, but you can usually see these as soon as you start doing any kind of research. But the one fact that many people do not realise is that the online casino business is regulated, and any casino site must be approved and run to the guidelines set by the regulating body they are assigned to.

This became necessary soon after online casinos came about, as they generated so much interest, and of course so much money was being passed back and forth online. So regulation was needed early on, and now we are far enough in that the regulations are very watertight and they protect both the casino operators and the players.

Multi-million dollar jackpot winners

There are some games that you will find in online casinos that have very large jackpots. Some of the progressive jackpot games have awards well up into the 6-figure range, and then there are games like Mega Moolah where the jackpot is set to start at 1 million, and it often goes up into the multi-million dollar range.

In the last year, there have been a few millionaires made from this one game alone. In 2014 there were two winners on the Mega Moolah machine, one that won $3.3 million and the other $3.9 million. These were won at the Golden Tiger Casino and Quatro Casino respectively. Both players were fairly new to online casinos, and they were not playing big bets. So it just shows that anyone can win big, at any time too.

Over the last few years, there have been several more millionaires made through online casinos. One gentleman even hit the Mega Moolah slot for $5.5 million! So there are plenty of big winners to show that online casinos are very real, and they pay real money (and big money) to those that play and win. They are very easy to use, and anyone can start playing on their computers and mobile devices and stand a chance of winning the big jackpot too.

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