Play the Progressive Jackpot Games to Win Big Bucks

Many of the better online casinos have a range of progressive jackpot games to play. Most will be slot games, and there may be a few table games that have progressive jackpots too. But if you wantmega-moolah-1 to win big, then these are the games that you need to play.

Now there are many progressive slot games that have jackpots well up into the 6 figure range, and then a slot game called “Mega Moolah” that has a jackpot that starts at $1 million and rises up well into the multiple millions.

There have been several instant millionaires created over the last few years by people that have played these progressive jackpot games. The Mega Moolah game is the most popular of all of the progressive games as it has such a large jackpot. Last year there were two winners on this game, both winning over $3 million dollars.

Anyone can win the main progressive jackpots, you do not have to be a special player to play or win at any of them. You do not have to play the maximum bets in order to win, so they really are open to players of all levels to both play and win the big 7-figure jackpots.

This is different to land based casinos, where the big progressive jackpots equivalent to the sizes we are talking about here are usually $5 or more every spin. Some are even $100 a spin, which puts them well out of reach for the regular player. But when you play online you will not come across these hurdles.

It is not just the online slot games that have progressive jackpots linked to them. There are a few table games that also have progressive jackpots, and these are often an optional side bet. For example, some of the Poker games will have a side bet that you can play if you like, and if you do you will be eligible for the progressive.

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