What the Latest Online Casino Games Have to Offer

mobile-slots-1So many new online casino games are released on a regular basis now. If you like to play new games as they come out then you will be very happy with the sheer quantity being made available to players at the bigger online casinos.

Video slots are now the popular type of game, and we have seen a massive amount of diversity being produced over the last year or so. Game producers such as Microgaming are very innovative in their thought process, and have come out with some amazing games that have really elevated the entertainment factor up a few notches.

Now we are seeing games that offer a whole new level of interaction. Before you could just set the reels to spin automatically and just sit back (and get bored) while you waited for any winning combinations to land on the reels. But now you can get much more involved with the games and do so much more than before.

Games such as Castle Builder are more like a platform video game, and you are required to build castles for the King. There are plenty of bonus rounds so you have many different opportunities to hit some winning combinations, and the bonus features can be very lucrative too.


There have been a number of online slot games that were designed around popular movie themes. Terminator 2, Battlestar Galactica and The Dark Knight Rises are all examples of this. They have proven to be very popular and the success of the movies certainly seems to pass over to the success of the slot games as well.

As far as big jackpots go, you need to look at the progressive jackpot games for these. Slot games like Major Millions have jackpots that go up into the high 6 figure range, so this is always a popular game to play. Then there is the ‘big-daddy’ of the progressive slot game world, Mega Moolah. This game has a base jackpot of 1,000,000 and will often reach well into the multiple million range.

When you belong to some of the bigger casino brands you will have all of the new games added to your casino the same day they are released. This will allow you to see just how quickly the games are evolving, and it makes it very exciting to see what is going to be released next.

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